Preparing for June 29th

Dear parents,

I hope you are all safe and well. As you can imagine, it is an extremely challenging time for us as a school as we seek to plan our new provision from June 29th in line with Welsh Government guidelines published this week. There are a million things to organise – effectively we have to create a ‘new school’ in two weeks – quite a task to say the least!

I know you are eagerly awaiting our plans but unfortunately, that will not be possible until we receive the full and final information from Cardiff Council. It is our intention as a school to publish our plan next week.

However, here’s an idea of ​​how we will operate when we reopen on June 29th:

  • Risk assessments and thorough plans will be in place so that we can do our best to minimize the risk of Covid-19.
  • We aim to offer 2 or 3 visits per child with no more than 10 children in a room
  • There will be different arrival and finish times for groups of children.
  • The children will wash their hands in the toilets immediately upon arrival and then clean their hands again with a gel before entering their rooms. The county will be providing ‘gel stations’ to all schools. The children will wash their hands regularly during their time back in school.
  • Parents will not be allowed into the school building.
  • Where possible, there will be a one-way system around the school and staff will monitor corridors to ensure that the children maintain social distancing from each other.
  • Children will be positively encouraged to keep a distance of 2m from each other. Posters and displays around the school will remind pupils of this.
  • One child at a time will be able to use the toilet.
  • Comprehensive hygiene procedures will be in place – including cleaning surfaces during the day.
  • Pupils will be allowed to use resources in school, but will not be allowed to share these. The children will be allowed to bring a pencil case from the house – again, they will not be allowed to share these.
  • Children will have to bring a packed lunch to school. They will then eat these in their classrooms.
  • There will be a break for pupils to play outside, and they will do this within their groups in a specific area of ​​the playground. We will remind the children often to keep a social distance
  • PPE is available to all school staff if required
  • There will be dedicated ‘isolation rooms’ at the school. If a child exhibits symptoms of Covid-19 they will go to the isolation rooms until parents come to collect them. The member of staff caring for the child will wear PPE.
  • We ask that only 1 parent drops off and collects their child from school. We ask you to keep a distance of 2m at all times
  • We will be sharing more information with you over the next two weeks as we finalise our arrangements.

    As we try to organize and group the children for June 29th, we will still have to maintain the current HUB provision as it is for Key Workers – Health and Care children. We will then have to offer the children of Key Workers – Schools, a place. The guidelines make it clear that the children of Key Workers will be given priority. Once that is done, we will create the groups for the other children. Applications for key workers are not processed by the school – applications must be made to the county (link has been shared on the school app).

    The focus of the sessions in the school will be on the wellbeing and health of the children. Teachers will also have to prepare the online learning that is shared through Google Classroom and Seesaw. On returning to school, it will be crucial for staff to have the time to learn from a distance and respond to your children’s work. This will mean that the school may finish earlier than usual to enable this to happen.

    Online learning ends today for the next two weeks – until June 29th (although a pack of wellbeing activities will be available for the children during this time). Next week, the teachers will be writing the children’s annual reports and of course, those reports will be different and more concise than usual. The following week, starting June 22nd, we as a whole staff will be in school, preparing the rooms, moving furniture, hanging posters, painting lines etc.

    I would like to emphasise that it is your choice to send your child back to school and I understand that this may be a difficult decision for many of you. As a headteacher and a parent myself, I will respect your decision – either way!

    Stay Safe!

    Yours faithfully,

    Illtud James