Gwersi Ffrydio byw / Live online lessons

Dear parents,

As a school, we are offering more and more live online lessons as well as online work.

Guide for live online lessons

The vast majority of lessons are delivered on Google Meet and occasionally on Teams. We will not use Zoom
Following guidelines from the authority, starting on January 14th, teachers will record their live lessons
The teachers will remind the children at the beginning of the lessons that the sessions are recorded
The children can change their background in the lessons if they wish – the teacher will show the children how to do this
The children’s camera must be on but the microphone should be off. The teacher will help the children with this.
The children must be in a suitable room – not a bedroom, bathroom
Children must wear suitable clothing
Children should not eat food in the lessons
The children can wear headphones if they wish. This helps to remove other sounds around them and helps them to concentrate better
Pupils must show the same courtesy and respect as when in school
If possible, an adult should be nearby in case the child has a technical problem

The attitude and behaviour of all the children who have already been to in our live online lessons has been excellent

Thank you all for supporting the online activities/tasks and the live lessons!

Yours faithfully

Illtud James