Election excitement!

After an exciting day of voting, here are the election results – which were very close indeed, and in some cases, there was a tie!

Congratulations to the new members and good luck!

CYNGOR YSGOL 2016-17                            CYNGOR ECO 2016-17

2A          Cai Dafydd                                                  Joseff Evans

2HW     Tom Davies                                                 Gethin Williams

3W        Orla Barton                                                 Gwen Evans

3LLD   Genevieve Miles                                          Matilda Cohen

4A        Anest James                                                 Thomas Howe

4E        Seth Nicholls                                                Ethan Hanigan

5D       Phoebe Williams                                          Gruff Maher

5J       Esther Woolley                                              Tom Cadman a Milo Davies

6R      Gwenllian Boore a Henry Nicholls            Michael Davies

6L      Lola Keogh                                                      Dewi Prydderch