Democratic School


School Council plan

Here are our main ideas and plan for the coming year!



Our 1st meeting!

A very warm welcome to the new members of the School and Eco council.

Our 1st project – we’re collecting milk bottle tops in support of Sienna, age 7 from Gabalfa Primary School, who is raising money for the End Polio Now charity.





Election excitement!

After an exciting day of voting, here are the election results – which were very close indeed, and in some cases, there was a tie!

Congratulations to the new members and good luck!

CYNGOR YSGOL 2016-17                            CYNGOR ECO 2016-17

2A          Cai Dafydd                                                  Joseff Evans

2HW     Tom Davies                                                 Gethin Williams

3W        Orla Barton                                                 Gwen Evans

3LLD   Genevieve Miles                                          Matilda Cohen

4A        Anest James                                                 Thomas Howe

4E        Seth Nicholls                                                Ethan Hanigan

5D       Phoebe Williams                                          Gruff Maher

5J       Esther Woolley                                              Tom Cadman a Milo Davies

6R      Gwenllian Boore a Henry Nicholls            Michael Davies

6L      Lola Keogh                                                      Dewi Prydderch


School and Eco Council Elections 23/9/16


(Welsh Homework)

Paratoi cyflwyniad byr ar gyfer ymgeisio i fod yn aelod o Gyngor Ysgol neu Gyngor Eco Melin Gruffydd.

(To prepare a short presentation that outlines reasons for wanting to be considered for a place on the School or Eco Council. This should include, personal reasons, personal skills and new ideas.)

Cofiwch gynnwys gwybodaeth am

-eich rhesymau dros ymgeisio

-eich sgiliau personol

-eich syniadau ar gyfer y Cyngor

Pob lwc!


Dragon’s Den Competition

dragons den

Yr 3 homework

You can work on your own, in a pair or small group.

1.Think of an idea for a product – something that the whole class can produce together, and sell to others in the school.  will both girls and boys like the product? Will young and older children like the product?

2.Make a list of materials that you need to create your product and how much does it all cost. How much profit will you make by selling 1? 10? 100?

3. What will your product look like? Can you make 1 example to show others?

4.Present your ideas to persuade others to vote for your idea (poster/power point / oral presentation)


To be presented by Friday the 24th of June


Supporting and donating!

penawd s

Dear All,

We have received and accepted a request to raise money for the Velindre Cancer Fund, whilst supporting the Welsh Football team in the Euros at the same time!

We ask that the children bring a small donation to school and wear red clothes, on Thursday the 16th of June 2016, when Wales play England.

We hope that it will be a fun day and a successful one for the Welsh football team!

Support Wales by wearing red!

Thank you very much.


(Cyngor Ysgol Melin Gruffydd School Council)



School Council – explaining a fundraising challenge


Annwyl Rieni / Dear parents,

Rydym wedi bod yn trafod codi arian i elusen ar ôl derbyn 3 cais gwahanol.

Rydym wedi cynnal trafodaeth a phleidlais ac rydym wedi penderfynu cefnogi elusen

Parkinson’s. Os am fwy o wybodaeth, edrychwch ar y wefan isod.

We have been disguising raising money for charities after receiving 3 letters of requests from different charities.

We’ve held a discussion and vote, and have decided to support the charity for Parkinson’s disease. For more information go to the following link.

Byddwn yn gwisgo penwisg am y dydd – het ddoniol/wig liwgar, a gofynnwn i bawb fydd yn cymryd rhan i ddod â chyfraniad ariannol i’r elusen.

We will be wearing a head dress for the day – a funny hat/colourful wig, and we ask       everyone who takes part to bring a sum of money for the charity.

Mae 476 o blant yn yr ysgol. There are 476 children in the school.

Os byddai pawb yn dod a 50c =£238 If everyone brings 50p.

Os byddai pawb yn dod a £1 = £476 If everyone brings £1.

Os byddai pawb yn dod a £2 = £952 If everyone brings £2.

Bydd hyn yn digwydd ar Ddydd Gwener 22/4/16 a bydd gwobr i’r het orau!

It will take place on Friday 22/04/16 – there will be a prize for the best hat or wig!

Diolch yn fawr!


(Cyngor Ysgol Melin Gruffydd School Council)



School and Eco Councils

Following our election day today, the children listed today were chosen for the School and Eco Councils. Congratulations to them all-

School Council               Eco Council

6L     Erin Jones                        Joe Price

6R     Betsi Roberts                   Hannah Boore/Lisa Evans

5D     Ryan Jones                      Ffion Williams

5J     Beca Evans                       Sophie Brassington

4A      Joe Gill                            Ffion Thomas

4E      Lowri Morris                  Twm Rhys

3R     Morgan Dwyer                Seth Nicholls

3W     Lucy Brassington           Liwsi Nel

2HW     Iestyn Tobias              Chloe Carey

2aI     Tabatha Morgans          Romilly Bennett


Healthy Lunch Boxes

For information on Healthy Lunch Boxes, please click on the link – Healthy Lunch Boxes