Big Pedal 2015

For further information, please click on the link – Big Pedal Saesneg 2015


2015 Eisteddfod Competitors

These are the competitors chosen for the Eisteddfod Cylch on the 7th of March at Ysgol Glantaf and the Eisteddofd Dawns on the 10th of March.

Unawd Bl.2

Imogen Evans, Liwsi Nel Williams, Anest James, Mari Evans, Sara Daniel, Caron Dafydd

Unawd Bl.3&4

Esther Woolley, ElliwJones, Molli Elin, Martha Bright, Cadi Gwen, Saran Jones, Cari Thomas

Unawd Bl 5 a 6

Enfys Evans, Hari Lewis, Hannah Boore, Caitlin Allan, Erin Jones, Elan Oldery, Cadi Davage


Harri M a Tomos W, Mari L a Enfys Evans, Sara Mackie a Caitlin Allan, Erin Jones a Katie Anderson

Parti Deulias

Erin Jones, Harri Metcalfe, Sara Mackie, Caitlin Allen, Katie Andersn, Tomos Woddington, Efa Greenway, Catrin Powell, Aron Evans, Mari Lewis, Osian James, Elan Oldery, Ifan Rees, Steffan Rayment, Lisa Evans, Enfys Evans

Parti Unsain

Efa Greenway, Erin Jones, Mari Lewis, Caitlin Allen, Enfys Evans, Harri Matcalfe, Aton Evans, Ifan Rees, Catrin Powell, Steffan Rayment,


Erin Jones, Harri Metcalfe, Sara Mackie, Caitlin Allen, Katie Andersn, Tomos Woddington, Efa Greenway, Catrin Powell, Aron Evans, Mari Lewis, Osian James, Elan Oldery, Ifan Rees, Steffan Rayment, Lisa Evans, Enfys Evans, Iestyn Thomas, Esyllt Hedd, Olympia Koursarou, Carys Bennett, Cadi Davage, Jeia Puri-Evans, Abi Sebury, Luned Evans, Ben Browb, Ariadne Koursarou, Hannah Boore, Beca Tinnuche-Jones, Non Drake, Daniel Rizzo, Emily Savastrno, Miraim John, Efa Powell, Lois Pitheck, Beac Jones, Lydia Cohen, Amy Styles, Elli Hingman, Steffan Powys-Downes, Alys Smith

Cerdd Dant Bl 6

Hannah Boore

Alaw Werin

Cadi Gwen


Elena Chapman, Cadi Davage, Tirion Davies, Esyllt Hedd


Steffan Rayment, Iestyn Thomas, Owen Lloyd-Jones


Sara Mackie, Cadi Davage, Elena Chapman

Llefaru Bl 2 a Iau

Mari Evans, Mirriam Rozzo, Imogen Evans, Morgan Dwyer, Gethin Williams, Liwsi Nel Williams

Llefaru Bl 3 a 4

Esther Wooley, Mali Newis, Phoebe Williams, Twm Rhys, Awen Dwyer, Luned De Saxe

Llefaru Bl 5 a 6

Luned Evans, Cadi Davage, Evan Harfield, Steffan Rayment, Hannah Boore

Grwp Llefaru

Luned Evans, Harri Metcalfe, Iestyn Thomas, Mari Lewis, Non Drake, Brown,Eli Higman, Aridry Koursarou. Hannah Boore


Mari Lewis, Esyllt Hedd a Aron Evans

Dawnsio Hip hop/Stryd / Disgo

ElinDimond, Non Drake, Catrin Poell, Nia Sadler, Mari Lewis, Megan Howe, Lois Pittick, Erin Williams, Keeli Wilkinson, Lola Keogh, Beca Tinuche-Jones

Pob lwc i bawb!


Attendance 9 – 13 February 2015

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Handwriting scheme

For information on the school’s Handwriting Scheme – please click on the link – Llythyr Cynllun Llawysgrifen


Urdd Netball competition – 05/02/15

Congratulations to the netball teams for competing so well in the Urdd netball competition.

A team – Mai Penry, Lowri Higgins, Non Drake, Katie Anderson, Emily Savastano, Megan Hutchings, Molly Burnell, Harri Metcalfe ac Iestyn Thomas.

B team – Isabel Brassington, Talia Collingwood, Aron Evans, Steffan Powys, Ela Powell, Catrin Powell, Ela Williams, Lois Pittick, Elan Oldery, Sara Mackie a Becca Jones.

B team results – second in their group – well done!

MG 1 – 0 Y Wern, MG 2 – 1 Whitchurch Primary B, MG 0 – 0 Ysgol Pwll Coch.

A team results – winning the group!

MG 6 – 1 Christ The King, MG 10-0 Ysgol Y Berllan Deg, MG 10-Ysgol Pencae.

The semi final was a very competitive game against Bro Eirwg, after full time the score was equal 5-5, after two minutes extra time, the score was yet again equal – 7-7, then another extra two minutes the score was equal again 9-9! Then it was golden goal, and the MG players found the back of the net. Excellent game!

Final – MG 5 – 2 Whitchurch Primary.

Llongyfarchiadau enfawr i dîm A yr ysgol – PENCAMPWYR CAERDYDD A’R FRO!


School Categorisation

Dear Parents,

I’m sure that many of you have already heard or read about the Welsh Government’s new colour categorisation of schools. Every school in Wales have, within the last seven days, been categorised: GREEN (the 15% best and most effective schools), YELLOW (the 50% good and effective schools), AMBER (the 29% of schools in need of improvement), or RED
(the 5% of schools in need of the greatest improvement).

It certainly is a source of great pride and satisfaction to us all at Ysgol Gymraeg Melin Gruffydd that we have been recognised as a GREEN school. GREEN SCHOOLS, by definition:

• know themselves well and identify and implement their own priorities for improvement;
• have resilience within the staff team;
• will be challenged to move towards or sustain excellence;
• have the capacity to lead other schools effectively;
• will be rewarded by greater autonomy;

The School Categorisation System is based upon three steps:

• How well the school is performing in relation to pupils’ standards;
• The school’s ability and capacity to self-improve, with a clear focus on leadership, learning and teaching;
• The combination of the two steps will lead to a colour categorisation of the school.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that this is fantastic news for us all; but though we are delighted with our green categorisation, parents should be in no doubt that the school will not rest on its laurels, but will strive for further school improvement so that we can maintain our status, year on year, as a GREEN SCHOOL.

Mr Illtud James


Attendance 2 – 6 February 2015

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Netball 02/02/15

A superb result for the netball team!

MG 13 – 3 Ysgol Pen Y Garth!

Well done to the team – Lowri Higgins, Katie Anderson, Jeia, Enfys Evans, Megan Hutchings, Emily Savastano, Molly Burnell, Sara Mackie, Alys Smith and Mai.


Attendance 26 -30 January 2015





Blwyddyn 6L 98.7%
***Blwyddyn 6R 100%
Blwyddyn 5D 98.9%
***Blwyddyn 5J 100%
***Blwyddyn 4A 100%
Blwyddyn 4aI 96.3%
Blwyddyn 3R 94.5%
Blwyddyn 3W 98.6%
Blwyddyn 2HW 96.3%
Blwyddyn 2M 96.2%
Blwyddyn 1LLJ 99.3%
Blwyddyn 1R 98.3%
Derbyn DLl 95.2%
Derbyn L 98.6%
Meithrin am 96.9%
Meithrin pm 98.1%
Cyfanswm / Total 97.9%
Targed yr ysgol / School target 97.2%


Attendance 19/1/15 – 23/1/15






Blwyddyn 6L 98.0%
*Blwyddyn 6R 99.3%
Blwyddyn 5D 97.9%
Blwyddyn 5J 93.8%
Blwyddyn 4A 98.3%
Blwyddyn 4aI 97.0%
Blwyddyn 3R 96.9%
Blwyddyn 3W 96.6%
Blwyddyn 2HW 98.0%
Blwyddyn 2M 98.6%
Blwyddyn 1LLJ 97.7%
*Blwyddyn 1R 99.3%
Derbyn DLl 93.9%
Derbyn L 97.9%
Meithrin am 95.0%
Meithrin pm 95.0%
Cyfanswm / Total 97.2%
Targed yr ysgol / School target 97.2%