E-safety guidlines for children

To stay safe online I should:

  • keep all my usernames and passwords safe and not share with my friends
  • only talk online to friends and family that I know in real life
  • never click on ‘Accept’ or ‘Yes’ to invitations to chat, share pictures or play games from anyone I don’t know in real life
  • never give anyone my personal information like my telephone number, home or email address, or the school I go to – not everyone is who they say they are online
  • keep my webcam covered when I’m not using it
  • ask a grown up I trust for help to change the settings on my apps, phone, computer or tablet to keep me safe
  • stick to websites that I have learned about in school when I’m online
  • check out things I see online before deciding to believe them – not everything online is true
  • never click on links in emails or messages that then ask me to log in and share my details – it could be a scam or a trick, so it’s always best to go to the website or app directly
  • always ask my friends and family if it’s okay before I share any pictures that they are in
  • always be kind online and don’t say things that may upset someone, even if I think it’s a joke
  • learn about all the help that I can get if I need it, like Meic and Childline
  • never be scared to talk to someone I trust about anything that is worrying me or a mistake that I’ve made – there is always someone who can help me
  • tell someone I trust if I get worried or upset about anything I see or hear online or if someone I don’t know asks to be my friend.
  • 17-05-2020

    Sustrans resources

    Good morning,

    We wanted to let you know about the launch of Sustrans Outside In, a free
    resource to help parents who are looking after their children at home.
    Walking, cycling and scooting are great ways to keep active and healthy in
    body and mind. During this time where we are mostly required to stay at
    home, these activities become harder to do.

    Sustrans Outside In provides fun ideas and inspiration for parents to bring
    education, health and wellbeing activities into their home.

    Parents can access resources by registering for our free parent newsletter.
    Over four weeks, they’ll receive weekly videos, themed activities, games and
    challenges designed by our experienced school officers.

    If you think these resources would be useful to you, please register on the link below.


    Nursery/Meithrin September 2020

    Documents and Information
    Meithrin Handbook

    Forms to be completed and returned to school
    1. Personal Information – Personal Information
    2. Meithrin Questionnaire – Meithrin Questionnaire
    3. Permission Form – Caniatad / Permission
    4. Using HWB – Llythyr HWB
    5. Information on disabilities – Anableddau / Disabilities
    6. Who will be collecting your child? – Who will be collecting?
    7. Home/School Agreement – Home-School-Agreement


    Glantaf Youtube channel for Year 6

    Ysgol Gyfun Glantaf has created a Youtube channel for our Year 6 pupils. This is a valuable resource in this difficult time. Please encourage the children to visit the channel – it will also be shared directly with them via Google Classroom.



    Parental consent – off site visits

    From February 2020, the school will have a new process of administering off-site visits – in particular, the process of obtaining parental consent.

    Off-site visits will be recorded on PARENTPAY and parents will be asked to confirm their consent there.

    If we have not received permission on Parentpay, then parents are expected to confirm their consent in WRITING .

    We will no longer receive verbal consent.

    Unfortunately, unless permission is given on PARENTPAY or in WRITING, children will not be able to attend the visits.

    We ask for your support in this important matter.


    Administering medications

    Administering medications

    From January 2020, the school will have new procedures for administering medications.


    If a child has to take PRESCRIBED medication during the school day, parents must register the medication in the school’s main entrance using Form 3A – PARENTAL agreement for the school to administer medicine before transferring the medication to school staff. Medication must not be sent into school with the children!

    In some cases, pupils will be required to carry their own medication e.g. inhalers. Parents must register this using Form 7: Permission for a child to carry his/her own medication.

    Thank you for your cooperation


    Girls football team

    Our girls’ football team was very unlucky today in the Urdd competition. Played really well all day, reached the final but then unluckily lost on in a penalty shoot out!
    It was a very good day for our teams – congratulations to all the girls!


    Australia Day

    We will be celebrating Australia Day on Monday, January 27th.

    Children to wear Australia colours – £ 1 contribution to the Australian fire disaster.



    Rights Respecting school – Silver Award

    Following an external assessment, we are delighted to confirm that Ysgol Melin Gruffydd has been awarded the Silver Award as a Rights Respecting School.

    Achieving the Silver Award

    The school is explicitly embedding the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in its policy, practice and culture
    The school is promoting knowledge and understanding of the Convention throughout the school community
    The school is putting into action and developing the plans outlined on the Action Plan for Silver, which was submitted to achieve the Bronze: Rights Committed
    The school is beginning to see the positive impact of these actions on children and young people, staff, and on the school’s ethos, practice and environment
    Children and young people are beginning to see themselves as rights respecting global citizens and advocates for fairness and children’s rights, both locally and globally


    New Family Officer

    Mrs Rhiannon Laugharne has been appointed as the school’s new Family Officer. She will take up her new post in January and will be working on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.