School Values

Following extensive discussions this week between the pupils and staff, we have agreed on our main school values


Year 4 Residential Visit

Dear parents,

Unfortunately, due to Covid, we have had to cancel our extracurricular clubs and visits – an important part of our school life.

As a school, we firmly believe in the importance of residential visits to develop skills, enrich our curriculum and provide opportunities for our pupils to develop their independence.

We hope that the Covid situation will improve by the next academic year and if so, we have provisionally arranged for our Year 4 classes to stay 2 nights at the Summit Centre in Treharris. Information can be found on

The cost of the visit will be £160 but we will not be asking for any money until we have confirmation that the Covid situation has improved sufficiently.

Yours faithfully,

Illtud James


Additional Learning Needs changes

Dear parents,

Additional Learning Needs – A national program of transforming provision and support for pupils with Additional Learning Needs is underway, with a view to the new system being implemented from September 2021. Information on the proposed changes can be found by following this link:

We strongly recommend that parents of pupils on the Additional Learning Needs register under the current system complete this online training – MODULE 1 – so that you can understand what will be different under the new system –

Yours faithfully,

Illtud James



Praise by Estyn for the work done by the school during Covid-19

We are very pleased to be recognised by Estyn for the good work done by the school during the Covid-19 period. Read about us in Estyn’s ‘Supporting wellbeing and learning during COVID-19 – approaches from primary schools’ document

Please click on the link –

Illtud James







February arrangements

Dear parents,
The Welsh government has announced that schools will not reopen until after half term. As a result, our current arrangements will continue for the next two weeks – activities being shared on Google Classroom and Seesaw. The HWB arrangements will also remain the same.
It is a difficult situation for us all but I would like to thank you parents for the excellent support you give the children when they are working online. A very high percentage of our children, about 94%, join in the live lessons and complete their tasks online. Thank you very much!
Teachers use a wide variety of different strategies when teaching online and I’m sure you have noticed the increase in live streaming sessions, especially in the Foundation Phase classes. Thank you to those parents who have contacted the teachers and me in praising the on-line teaching that is going on – those kind words have been a great boost to the teachers as they work in challenging circumstances.
The Glantaf Cluster INSET day was earmarked for next Wednesday, February 3rd, but that has now moved to February 10th. There will be no work set for the children on that day – that will give them a time to relax.
This week, the School Council has been discussing the welfare of pupils and the time spent in front screens. As a result, next Wednesday, February 3rd, will be a ‘Screenless Day’ and the School Council will circulate a list of alternative activities to do.
The government has referred to the possibility that some children may be able to return to school after half term. I very much hope that this will happen and that this will be the start of the process of getting all the children back to school in the near future.
Yours faithfully,
Illtud James


Gwersi Ffrydio byw / Live online lessons

Dear parents,

As a school, we are offering more and more live online lessons as well as online work.

Guide for live online lessons

The vast majority of lessons are delivered on Google Meet and occasionally on Teams. We will not use Zoom
Following guidelines from the authority, starting on January 14th, teachers will record their live lessons
The teachers will remind the children at the beginning of the lessons that the sessions are recorded
The children can change their background in the lessons if they wish – the teacher will show the children how to do this
The children’s camera must be on but the microphone should be off. The teacher will help the children with this.
The children must be in a suitable room – not a bedroom, bathroom
Children must wear suitable clothing
Children should not eat food in the lessons
The children can wear headphones if they wish. This helps to remove other sounds around them and helps them to concentrate better
Pupils must show the same courtesy and respect as when in school
If possible, an adult should be nearby in case the child has a technical problem

The attitude and behaviour of all the children who have already been to in our live online lessons has been excellent

Thank you all for supporting the online activities/tasks and the live lessons!

Yours faithfully

Illtud James