About us – PTA

We are very pleased to announce that a new committee has been appointed for Ysgol Melin Gruffydd PTA. So let us introduce ourselves:
Chair: Andrew Davies
Treasurer: Anita John

Many thanks to the following who have volunteered as class representatives:

Blwyddyn / Year Enw / Name
Bl 6 (Mrs Lloyd)
Bl 6 (Mr Richardson)
Bl 5 (Mrs Jones)
Bl 5 (Mrs Davies)
Bl 4 (Miss Arnott)
Bl 4 (Mrs Eldridge)
Bl 3 (Mrs Llewelyn & Mrs Siwan Drake)
Bl 3 (Mr Williams) Sioned Tobias
Bl 2 (Mrs Hayes/ Mrs Williams) Louise Thomas
Bl 2 (Mr ap Iwan) Emma Cordingley
Bl 1 (Miss Roberts) Anwen Jones
Bl 1 (Mrs Jones)
Derbyn (Miss Milward) Brid Price
Derbyn (Mrs Davies/Llewellyn) Rachel Pitman
Meithrin (Bore)
Meithrin (Pnawn)

As a parent or guardian of our children you are automatically a member of the PTA. It’s a committee that is relevant to us all, for example we are responsible for funding half the cost of our mini bus, which is essential in ferrying our children to and from their activities. So please join us in the challenge of raising essential funds for our school!

As a new committee we are very much looking forward to yet another full year of exciting activities to raise money. Please remember that you are welcome to attend our meetings to share your thoughts and ideas and of course a chance to socialise and have fun!

In accordance with the school Eco policy, please note that all information regarding the PTA’s events will from now on be updated on the PTA’s page on Melin Gruffydd’s Website as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Please follow us to get the latest news!
Thank you!

We will be supporting the school eco-council’s code by avoiding paper based notifications wherever possible. To catch up on all the PTA news please follow us on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crha.ysgol.melin.gruffydd.pta
Twitter: @CRhAMelinGruff