Homework- Safer Internet Day Competition 2018

Homework- E-Safety 

Safer Internet Day (SID) 2018 Competition 

By 24/11/17 

Safer Internet Day (SID) 2018 will take place on 6 February 2018 with the slogan ‘Create, connect and share respect’. 

SID is a global celebration of the opportunities the internet has to offer and a day to open a conversation about how the internet can affect everyone, from children and young people to older generations. 

What does the competition in 2018 involve? 

The Welsh Government SID competition in 2018 asks children and young people to explore how being online makes you feel in one of four categories: 

  • word 
  • film 
  • music 
  • art 

Your entry must be an original creation from beginning to end. Entries can be in either Welsh, English or both. 
Competition ideas 

Be as imaginative, inventive, original and open as you want – and try to show with a poem, a short film, a piece of music or a painting of how you may sometimes feel when you are gaming, talking to friends online or watching a video. Here are some ideas for each type of entry: 

Word – This could be a poem or a short story. (Maximum word count: 500 words) 

Film – An eager Spielberg? This can be an animation, something you filmed on your phone or a movie you have made with your friends. (Maximum time limit: 5 minutes) 

Music – An aspiring Adele? You can write and perform a song, your own piece of music or do a rap. (Maximum time limit: 5 minutes) 

Art – A passionate Picasso? You can submit a drawing, sketch, collage or comic strip that you have created. 

Entries will be judged by our digital leaders.


Yr5E- Homework 6.11.17

Your homework this week is

  • Various Maths worksheets (revision)
  • Use your previous homework collecting data on world rivers to create a digital database using Excel (use HWB- Office 365 account)
  • Revise 100 word challenge spellings (test after half term)

Additional revision

J2Blast (number bonds)

Times Tables Rock Star (times tables- especially x6 x7 and x8)


Homework 24.10.17

Gwaith Cartref yr wythnos hon

-English Comprehension- Diwali- Read the text and answer in full sentences in your homework books. (Task is on HWB- Classpage- Documents- Homework- Diwali)

-Revise 100 word spellings (Welsh/ English)

-Revise their number skills (Times tables/ number bonds)

Times Tables Rock Stars (yn Gymraeg) (children have received their log ins)

J2Blast (HWB website)

Research task (optional)

  • Beth am greu pecyn gwybodaeth ar Diwali i rannu’r hyn a ddysgoch gyda’r dosbarth? ar y we? gyda’r ysgol?/ Could you create an information pack on Diwali to share with your classmates?/ put on school website?
  • Beth am gyflwyno gwaith creadigol ar sail y testun Diwali/ Could you be creative and produce something related to Diwali?
  • Beth am gynhyrchu gwaith yn Scratch ar sail y testun Diwali? Esiamplau i chi / Could you create something in scratch releated to Diwali?

    Diwali 1 

    Diwali 2

 Diwali 3


CBBC- Quiz: How much do you know about Diwali?

Newsround- What is Diwali?

HWB- Diwali- Cyflwyniad a gem