Internet Safety – Social Media

Dear parents / guardians

It has come to our attention that some of our older pupils have been unkind to others via social media networks such as Instagram, and as a result, have caused them great worry and unhappiness.

Although this occurred outside of school hours, we would like to take the opportunity to stress how unacceptable this is and to ask for your support in dealing with this issue. Would you kindly discuss the matter with your child, ensuring safe and responsible use of social media networks, whilst encouraging an open discussion regarding the results of misuse of social networks and of any concerns that they may have.

Also, Dr Sangeet Buhllar (wisekids) will be holding a session with the Yrs 5/6 pupils regarding e-safety, as well as holding a session for parents at 3.30pm on Monday, May 23rd. The school police officer will also be discussing social network laws with the pupils, as part of our e-safety lessons.