Starting School

A tour of the Meithrin classroom

Unfortunately, we were not able to invite the new Meithrin/Nursery parents to school this year. As a result, we have created a virtual tour of the Nursery for new parents to see the classroom and the grounds outside.

Click on the links to go on the tour …….

Prif fynedfa :

Mynedfa y Meithrin #1

Mynedfa y Meithrin #2

Nursery/Meithrin September 2021

Documents and Information
Meithrin Handbook

Forms to be completed and returned to school
1. Personal Information – Personal Information
2. Meithrin Questionnaire – Meithrin Questionnaire
3. Permission Form – Caniatad / Permission
4. Using HWB – Llythyr HWB
5. Information on disabilities – Anableddau / Disabilities
6. Who will be collecting your child? – Who will be collecting?
7. Home/School Agreement – Home-School-Agreement