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Sphero Club – Years 5 and 6

Please click on the link for information on our new Sphero Club for Years 5 and 6 – Sphero Bl 5 a 6

Minecraft Club – Years 3 and 4

For information about our new Minecraft Club for Years 3 and 4, please click on the link –Minecraft Bl 3 a 4


Year 4 Homework 10.03.2016

This week’s homework:

* English spelling words

*Your task over the next week is to keep a daily diary of what you have eaten. Remember to include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Plan a table in your homework books in order to organise the information. The diary will be used during our themed lessons.

Why not have a go at creating an electronic table using the J2e (J2e5)? Watch the this video for a simple step by step guide.

Thank you


Yr4- Homework- J2vote

Your homework this week…

– To plan and create a quiz on the theme ‘Global Gourmet’/ food using  j2vote on Hwb

– To learn English spellings (Contraction apostrophes)

– To learn phonics pattern

For help with the homework, watch this video for a step by step guide.