Blwyddyn 5D

Teacher: Mrs Ffion Davies

I’m originally from Cardiff. I enjoy sports and being out in the open air going for walks, as a mother to two boys I have a lot of chances to enjoy a variety of these activities in my spare time!

Blwyddyn 5 – Map Cwricwlwm Tymor y Gwanwyn – Spring Term Curriculum Map
Blwyddyn 5 – Map Cwricwlwm Tymor yr Hydref – Autumn Term Curriculum Map


Homework 29/01/15

Homework this week –

To understand and interpret a poem.

Welsh and English spelling.


Netball 26/01/15

A superb result for the netball team!

MG 13 – 0 Ysgol Pencae!

Well done to the team – Lowri Higgins, Katie Anderson, Cadi Davage, Non Drake, Megan Hutchings, Emily Savastano, Molly Burnell, Efa Greenway, Elan Oldry and Becca Jones.

Campwaith yr wythnos 26/1/15

Congratulations to William Barrett-Goode who deserves the title of ‘Campwaith yr wythnos’ for his Big Write work on Friday. He wrote a diary entry as an evacuee and succeeded in building a vivid image of a boy’s train journey as he was moved to the countryside.

Well done, Wil.


Disgybl Disglair 23/1/15

I think it’s safe to say that the children are thoroughly enjoying the new theme- The Blitz. It’s such an interesting theme that we are going to continue for a term so that we can include the array of aspects.

There was a lot of excitement in class this week as we recieved a ‘Top Secret’ envelope! Inside, there was a secret mission! The British army needs our help to work out what size parachute would be best to drop a soldier into an enemy camp slowly! This week we planned our experiment and learned about forces, friction and air pressure. Next week we will conduct the experiment so that we can record our findings in a letter to Winston Churchill. But, remember, it’s a secret!

Congratulations to Lowri Guerin for being awarded Disgybl Disglair in 5D this week. Lowri is showing a lot of effort in her work and shows enthusiasm towards the theme. It’s a pleasure to see her flourish.

Remember to write your thank you letters (in Welsh) to Mrs Boore. We had the pleasure of her company this week and learned a lot about the Second World War and saw some interesting artifacts.

Enjoy your weekend, the sun is shining!

Mrs Davies.



Homework 22/01/15

Homework this week –

To write a letter to Mrs Boore.

Welsh and English spelling.


Disgybl Disglair a Campwaith yr wythnos 8/1/15

The saying ‘Better late than never’ comes to mind while I write! Apologies for the delay in publishing the Disgybl Disglair and Campwaith yr wythnos for last week!

Our ‘Disgybl Disglair’ for last week was Evie Toozer. She is always kind, polite and is forever smiling! Our ‘Campwaith yr wythnos’ is rewarded to Cerys Harding for her diary entry.

Well done, both of you.


Netball team to play against Ysgol Pencae 26/01/15

Safle Hanner 1af Ail hanner
GK Cadi Davage Efa Greenway
GD Megan Hutchings Molly Burnell
WD Becca Jones (5D) Emily Savastano
C Katie Anderson Non Drake
WA Non Drake Katie Anderson
GA Mai Penry Mai Penry
GS Elan Oldry Lowri Higgins


Homework 15/01/15

Homework this week –

To prepare one item for the Urdd Art competition.

Welsh and English spelling.

Time tables practice.