Blwyddyn 5D

Teacher: Mrs Ffion Davies

I’m originally from Cardiff. I enjoy sports and being out in the open air going for walks, as a mother to two boys I have a lot of chances to enjoy a variety of these activities in my spare time!

Blwyddyn 5 – Map Cwricwlwm Tymor y Gwanwyn – Spring Term Curriculum Map
Blwyddyn 5 – Map Cwricwlwm Tymor yr Hydref – Autumn Term Curriculum Map


CIP magazine

You can order the 28 page monthly comic directly from the Urdd ( or via the school.  Send a cheque for £10  (made payable to Ysgol Gymraeg Melin Gruffydd) in an envelope with your child’s name on it. Closing date 21 October.



Homework for the rest of the term

The homework for the rest of the term will be to choose one activity a week from the Homework choice grid in our Google Classroom.

Once you have completed an activity, bring it in to show the rest of the class or share the work/pictures in the Google Classroom.



Homework Pupil voice 1.2.19

**Homework to be done using our Google Classroom**
Watch this video again. Share it with your parents and discuss. What did you learn from watching the video? What will you do differently in class after watching it? Do you have any ideas about how we can develop this mindset further in class?
Make a short presentation/ questionnaire (google form)/ list of ideas to share with the classroom about how we can be independent learners that want to improve, develop and challenge ourselves and each other.


Christmas Concert

Here’s the link to Can y Bugeiliaid:!AgYBFaqoYtiTgdM60LdLMRCTbOXBAQ

And here’s a link to Suai’r gwynt:!AgYBFaqoYtiTgdJ0QWuI1XQmWotUBA

Remember to learn the words!

Mrs D


Preparing for Christmas!

The Christmas concert is just around the corner! Your homework this week is to learn the words to’O! deuwch, ffyddloniaid’.

Here’s a link to the music:!AgYBFaqoYtiTgdNKo6PvBK2iGEM1VQ


Mrs Davies a Miss Evans




KS2 Assembly 21.05.18 – presenting a cheque to Bobath – Bake for Bobath 2018!

Diolch yn fawr i Emily o @BobathWales am ddod mewn i wasanaeth CA2 bore ‘ma i dderbyn siec o £283.84 o galyniad i #PobiDrosBobath / Thank you to Emily from @BobathWales for coming to our KS2 Assembly to be presented with a cheque of £283.84 #YsgolGymunedol #BakeForBobath