Blwyddyn 4W

Teacher: Mr James Williams

I have been teaching at Melin Gruffydd since 2010. I take a keen interest in an array of subjects, particularly in PE.  I am responsible for most sports teams within the school.  I have an interest in languages and co-ordinate the Junior Language Challenge programme in KS2.   In my spare time I am a keen sportsman and I try to share my passion for all sports and a healthy lifestyle with Melin Gruffydd pupils.  My proudest achievement to date is completing Ironman Wales in 2018.

Bl 4 – Map Cwricwlwm Medi 2016 – September 2016 Curriculum Map

Bl4- Map Cwricwlwm Tymor yr Hydref (2) 2016- Autumn Term (2)- Curriculum Map

Bl4- Map Cwricwlwm Tymor y Gwanwyn (1) 2016- Spring Term (1)- Curriculum Map

Bl4- Map Cwricwlwm Tymor y Gwanwyn (2) 2016- Spring Term (2)- Curriculum Map

Bl4- Map Cwricwlwm Tymor yr Haf  2016- Summer Term – Curriculum Map



Year 4 Homework 01.03.18

Year 4 Homework 01.03.18:

  • Maths sheets to complete in homework book – money.

By 06.03.18

Diolch / Thank you


Year 4 – Overview of the theme – Castles & Dragons – Spring Term (2)

Year 4 – Overview of the theme – Castles & Dragons – Spring Term (2):

We will be continuing with the following theme until Easter.



Year 4 Homework 15.02.18

Year 4 Homework 15.02.18 (Half term):

  • World Book Day Competition – to create your own cartoon or cartoon strip – children have received an instruction sheet to take home.

By 27.02.18

Enjoy the holidays!

Diolch / Thank you



Year 4 Homework 08.02.18

Year 4 Homework 08.02.18:

  • To continue to prepare for their Castles presentations next week (through the medium of Welsh)
  • To learn the spelling words for the 100 Word challenges next week (Welsh and English)

Diolch / Thank you



Year 4 Homework 01.02.18

Year 4 Homework 01.02.18:

  • To continue to learn the recitation piece for the Eisteddfod.
  • To learn the spelling words for Tuesday’s spelling test (06.02.18)
  • To create a presentation about a Welsh castle (in Welsh) – further information below – by 13.02.18

As part of our theme ‘Castles and Dragons’ we are looking at aspects of Welsh castles.

We are keen for you to prepare a presentation on Welsh Castles to the class.  Before you can complete any presentation, you need to research and collate information. We would then like you to prepare a 2-3 minute presentation on a Welsh castle. The presentation can be a power point presentation, Key note or any other form that may be appropriate. Remember- the focus is on your presentation skills so practice beforehand and keep it simple! It will need to be completed and presented in Welsh!

Success criteria for the task

  • Research work (safe use of the internet*)
  • To use graphs, images and drawings that may be appropriate.
  • To justify your choices (Express your opinion)
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • To use correct grammar and vocabulary.

What to include?

  • Date castle was built/ Historical period
  • Who built the castle?/ Who lived there?
  • Castle’s location?
  • Type of castle? (Motte and Bailey/ Concentric/ Stone Keep Castle)?
  • Features- Moat/ Portcullis/ Walls/ Turrets/ Draw Bridge/ Dungeon
  • What materials were used to build the castle?
  • Anything else?

Useful websites for you

BBC- History- Castles


How to present and save the work

– Why not save /upload your PPoint to your HWB page?

– Why not e-mail it to your Hwb e-mail?

– Print it ahead of time ready to undertake your presentation

*Safe use of the Internet

Remember to ask permission before using the internet and use the suggested websites above. For more information on e-safety, please visit the following page on our school website

Thank you and enjoy!